Height & Growth

 moderately vigorous, semi upright

Tree crown

 Chandler is suitable for high density planting such as 6 x 5 meters   spacing.


 late leafing and blooming. This is an advantage, because late   leafing varieties are less likely to be affected by frost, walnut blight   and codling moth.

Flowering type


Self fertile

 self pollinating


 Chandler is a self pollinating tree, it can yield walnuts without a   pollenizer. But it can give you higher yields when used with a   pollenizer. Franquette, Pedro and Fernette is used as pollenizer with   Chandler trees.

Terminal or Lateral

 70-80 %  lateral bearing variety


 very early fruit bearing, very high yield, undemanding in terms of   climate and soil. Chandler is a highly productive variety - 90 percent   of its lateral branches being productive.


 large (13-15 gr.), 1-4 fruits per batch, elliptical shape

Shell & pericarp

 very thin shell, light color, ridged, easy to crack and clean, becomes   stronger in older trees


 very light-colored kernels, naturally light (similar to the Hartley),  

 95-100 5% whiteness, weight: 6.3 g., kernel fills shell fully, easy to   remove from the shell and easy to crack out into halves, excellent   taste


 September 23rd - 2 days after Hartley

Oil content

 high oil content of 70% percent

Kernel %


Winter hardness


Frost susceptibiity

 very hightly resistence to late spring frost

Sensitivity to bacterial blight and anthracnose

 practically resistant to anthracnose and to bacterial blight