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The Lara walnut variety has been selected in France. It comes from a selection of seedlings produced by sown nuts of the American variety Payne. This selection was carried out at the French nursery Lalanne.


Lara is a high-yield variety with compact growth, as it not only produces fruit on the end buds but also on the side buds, i.e. it bears laterally. Thanks to its compact growth habit, Lara is suitable for planting in smaller gardens. This selected early-bearing walnut variety produces large, thin-shelled nuts of excellent quality with a unique creamy taste from end of September.


Currently, due to its high productivity and good taste, Lara is one of the most popular walnut varieties in France.


The Tulare walnut (also: Tulara) was selected in 1966 at the University of California under the direction of UC Davis professors Eugene Serr and Harold Forde. The Tulare variety, formerly UC67-11, arose from controlled crossbreeding between the Tehama and Serr walnut varieties.


This relatively young Californian nut selection has the special characteristics of early production start, moderate tree vitality, high pest and disease tolerance and perfect nut quality. The Tulare walnut is also characterized by excellent production in dense spacing as a hedge plantation. Tulare walnut has been successfully grown in Europe since 1995.


The Fernor walnut variety is one of the most important nut varieties originating from France. It was bred by crossing the Franquette and Lara walnut varieties. Fernor is extremely frost tolerant and highly resistant to bacterial and fungal diseases.


This and the combination of early fruiting and high yields make Fernor a variety that can be used everywhere in commercial and home garden cultivation. Today, Fernor is highly valued for the exceptional quality of its light core and wonderful taste.


The Franquette walnut tree is one of the oldest and most well-known European walnut varieties. This walnut variety was selected in 1786 in the historic province of Dauphiné and is particularly popular in France. Franquette is still one of the most widespread walnut varieties in Europe.


The Franquette Walnut buds late and blooms late, growing vigorously with an ascending crown. The tree gives beautiful nuts with an excellent taste. With its budding, this high-yielding strain combines good health and resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases. Franquette is therefore suitable for locations susceptible by late frost and in climatically rather unfavorable regions. In walnut orchards, Franquette is particularly used as a pollinator variety for Chandler.


The Chandler walnut tree (Juglans regia, (regia = royal)) is one of the most popular, prolific and widely planted walnut varieties in the world. It delivers bountiful harvests like hardly any other variety.


The Chandler walnut was introduced to the market in 1979 by the University of California and named after W. H. Chandler, the U. C. Davis pomology professor. Today, Chandler is one of the best walnut varieties because of the late budding, the high yield security, the high nut quality, very tasty nuts, and because of the pronounced disease resistance.


Fernette is a walnut variety selected in France in 1993 as a cross between the Franquette and Lara varieties. Fernette is a late maturing, excellent aromatic walnut variety with very high, regular yields and good pollinating properties. This walnut variety needs low temperatures in winter for optimal yields. It is important to note the high frost resistance of this walnut tree, not only against deep winter frosts but also against late frosts in spring.

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