Height & Growth

 moderately vigorous, semi upright

Tree crown

 Chandler is suitable for high density planting such as 6 x 5 meters   spacing.


 late leafing and blooming. This is an advantage, because late   leafing varieties are less likely to be affected by frost, walnut blight   and codling moth.

Flowering type


Self fertile

 self pollinating


 Chandler, Franquette

Terminal or Lateral

 Lateral - аpproximatley 90% of the lateral buds are fruiting


 Enters fruiting early; regular yields; the size of the walnuts can vary   depending on the yield achieved during a given growing season


 Almost round shape, large, weight - an average of 14.8 g.

Shell & pericarp

 Yellowish-brown in color, strong, thick, almost round (36x35 mm); the   nut is easy to separate and seals well the shell


 Tightly attached to the shell, large, with very good taste (creamy taste - combines a slight bitterness of the pellicle with a soft and delicate taste of the core), characterized by a distinctive red - purple pellicle; The average weight of the nuts is 7.1 g, which is 48% of the weight of the walnut; The dimensions of the nut are approximately: 28 mm long and 29 mm wide


 Beginning of October

Oil content

 high oil content

Kernel %


Winter hardness


Frost susceptibiity

 resistence againt late spring frost

Sensitivity to bacterial blight and anthracnose

 practically resistant to anthracnose and to bacterial blight