Outstanding Walnut trees for increased Yields

Already now we are taking orders of walnut trees for the next planting season starting end of November. Do not hesitate to contact us to get your special offer including delivery to your door all over Europe.

Who we are?

 Our tree nursery is a small family-run business, located not far from Donau river in the north of Bulgaria. We specialize in grafting selected varieties of walnut trees, that grow brilliantly on different soil conditions as well as in several climate regions. Accordingly every cultivar has its own preferences and dislikes. We are very keen on helping you choosing the most suitable variety for you!


Walnut species, that have become more and more important in the past years, are for instance Chandler, Fernor, Lara, Alsozentivani 117, Fernette, Franquette or Tulare.


To achieve perfect growth for your future walnut trees there is a need to approach planning in an advanced manner. Is soil appropriate for growing Chandler, is rainfall too little for raising Fernor or shall I decide on Lara because of colder conditions? There are further questions that need to be answered prior to choosing your breed and we are willing to support you accordingly.

 When you finally decide, we are able to provide you with organically certified walnut trees from our nursery, so you will soon be able to harvest your own organic walnuts. By the way all of our high-yield varieties are being grafted on virus-free root stocks (Juglans regia).


 Our quality in grafting is not only based upon practical expertise but we also include recent scientific knowledge to  improve grafting process. Doing so we were able to increase success rate in grafting,

Furthermore we are able to provide you with our products on competitive rates due to our favorable location.


Who we are

Since the beging of our walnut nursery we grow our walnut trees in a sustainable and ecologically clean way. Our mission is to keep our nature safe of pollution. We are doing all of this, because we want that our children grow in a preserved of duty environment. 

Walnut trees play their role naturally when it comes to making our world more sustainable. They also provide us with most delicious fruits. Walnuts, best in organic quality, are being loved worldwide for their taste and their nutritious value. Therefore it is our wish as well as our joy to contribute to a more sustainable future.